Ascella Biosystems COVID-19 Test

Accurate, molecular COVID-19 detection in minutes

Product Features

Molecular Detection

Detects viral RNA with an accuracy on par with the gold standard PCR test

Rapid Results

Results are displayed on the mobile app in minutes


Priced to be a staple in every home, and scale to the needs of the largest employers

Variant Identification

Identifies COVID-19 variants in real time


Device is smaller than your smartphone

Parallel Detection

Can detect up to 8 different viruses in one test


How Ascella’s COVID-19 test can revolutionize testing in key industries


Travelers can use Ascella’s device to submit test results directly to airlines and travel authorities right before departure. Testing can continue while traveling and at the end of the trip.


Ascella’s device can be used at schools and universities to test students and faculty providing faster and more reliable results. This reduces the negative impact of the pandemic on the daily routines of these institutions.


Sporting events and concerts are often the primary sites for massive disease spread. Using Ascella’s device can help mitigate this spread of disease through fast and convenient testing at entry points.


Ascella Biosystems has developed a breakthrough diagnostic platform that can quickly and inexpensively test for multiple viruses from a single sample within minutes. Developed by world-renowned chemistry and physics experts at Stanford University, the company’s core RAIL™ technology offers sensitivity and specificity comparable to PCR.

Manage your test results from your mobile

Download the Ascella mobile application to guide you through taking a test and managing your test results.

About Us

We are led by a team of passionate researchers with broad experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and hardware engineering. Our team includes world renowned chemistry experts from Stanford University and a hardware team with decades of medical device experience.

We are supported by leading Silicon Valley investors and the National Institutes of Health.

Test anyone, anyplace, anytime